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A new restaurant in Ružomberok is filling the premises with fragrant atmosphere for all food lovers in modern YELLPOINT building at Bystrická Cesta Street.

The timeless YELLCUISINE restaurant offers its guests 62 seats in a stylishly furnished interior and additional 24 seats on a summer patio.

A perfect culinary experience is ensured by a team of professional chefs led by master chef Miroslav Halam.

In YELLCUISINE restaurant, you will also find a children’s corner and a special menu for children.

What does “yell” mean?

When looking for the name, in this case the name for the location, which was created first – yellpoint (point-location), my goal was to find a phrase that would symbolize uniqueness.

Finding a strong phrase in Slovak language is difficult, if not impossible, that is why I was looking for the name in English.

Around this time (2017), I was noticing the excellent skills of chef Miroslav Halam on a daily basis, as his regular customer in Fatrapark 2 restaurant, and shortly after that, our joint restaurant project was born under yellcuisine brand.

The English word “yell” means to scream and it should evoke that the location, the building, the cuisine, the design and the architecture yell with uniqueness. A yell for the cuisine, therefore the “yellcuisine”, and the associated excited yell for the food, the taste and the design on the plate.

This positive yell in each of its forms in our yellcuisine restaurant should symbolize the excitement and satisfaction of our customers, who always find a high standard in yellcuisine, and every time they return, they discover a new original level of gastronomy of our chef and his team.

Peter Šrobár, co-founder

Chef Restaurant of

Miroslav Halam

Miroslav Halam is a chef whose basic principle when preparing meals is, most importantly, his own production focused on seasonal and local ingredients. His cuisine is imaginative, his dishes are often prepared from such parts of meat, fish, fruit or vegetables which are no longer used a lot by people today. From these ingredients, he creates delicious, interesting and modern dishes.

Miroslav Halam gained his work experience in foreign restaurants, particularly in England and Ireland, where he worked for 13 years in the best restaurants. Before coming to Slovakia, he worked in Gordon Ramsy’s restaurant, where he perfected his skills even more. In Slovakia, he worked for 4 years in his own restaurant hidden in the Hrabovská Valley near Ružomberok, where, during that time, he was able to build a base of regular customers. In YELLCUISINE, he wants the customers to leave their lunch with a new experience, to taste new, unknown ingredients or combinations of flavours.


The excellent accessibility of the YELLPOINT building with the above-standard service makes the YELLCUISINE restaurant a perfect place, even for demanding customers who like mixing work with food.

We have created a special daily menu called “business lunch”, which is a perfect combination of high-quality food and our philosophy – food as an experience, so you can leave a great impression whether in the eyes of your business partners or in the eyes of important people in your life.


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Due to their perfect architectural design, the new YELLPOINT event rooms are an excellent solution when organizing events, congresses or special occasions such as weddings, celebrations or family gatherings. The space provides several options of table and seating arrangement and different ways how to use the space. For every occasion, we try to create a menu based on your vision and with sense for detail.

Our team of professionals ensures a perfect experience, while you can enjoy the unforgettable moments without worrying.

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Jozef, Ružomberok
Jozef, Ružomberok
Evertihing good.
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Uptate et latem faccae cone sum denditia dignatest aut at quamusae omnis dolorrum
eniscias sedipsa perorio temo molorempos eat faccati.
Viera, Ružomberok
Viera, Ružomberok
Príjemná obsluha
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Uptate et latem faccae cone sum denditia dignatest aut at quamusae omnis dolorrum
eniscias sedipsa perorio temo molorempos eat faccati.
Miroslav, Ružomberok
Miroslav, Ružomberok
Vynikajúce jedlo
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Uptate et latem faccae cone sum denditia dignatest aut at quamusae omnis dolorrum
eniscias sedipsa perorio temo molorempos eat faccati.


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