Miroslav Halam

Executive chef

Miroslav Halam is a chef whose basic principle when preparing meals is, most importantly, his own production focused on seasonal and local ingredients. His cuisine is imaginative, his dishes are often prepared from such parts of meat, fish, fruit or vegetables which are no longer used a lot by people today. From these ingredients, he creates delicious, interesting and modern dishes.

Miroslav Halam gained his work experience abroad, particularly in England and Ireland, where he worked for 13 years in the best restaurants. Before coming to Slovakia, he worked in Gordon Ramsy’s restaurant, where he perfected his skills even more. In Slovakia, he worked for 4 years in his own restaurant hidden in the Hrabovská Valley near Ružomberok, where, during that time, he was able to build a base of regular customers. In YELLCUISINE, he wants the customers to leave their lunch with a new experience, to taste new, unknown ingredients or combinations of flavours.


Lukáš Klenko

Head chef

Master chef, from Liptovský Mikuláš. His culinary journey began with a foreign project of a small field kitchen in Central Africa. Following his return, he worked in several restaurants, whether in German Alps or the restaurants of our capital, Bratislava, where he collaborated with different well-known master chefs as well as some big names of Slovak gastronomy in various fundraiser and private pop-up events. He has worked in a restaurant in Germany, awarded with a Michelin star and French star Chaîne des Rotisseurs. In recent years, he has been a master chef in a small traditional shepherd’s restaurant in Jasná. He believes in cooking from seasonal ingredients and their maximum possible use, the so-called waste-free kitchen. This is his favourite quote by famous Anthony Bourdain :

„Good food is very often, even most often, simple food.“

Jaroslav Šintaj

Sous chef

Already during his studies at the Hotel Academy, gaining culinary practice in leading foreign restaurants. After graduating, he left to work in Ireland, where he gained experience in several award-winning restaurants over the course of 8 years. Abroad, he is gradually preparing for the position of chef.

After returning to Slovakia, he has been working for 4 years in the YELLCUISINE restaurant, where he uses his talents and acquired experience.

Po návrate na Slovensko pracuje už 4 roky v reštaurácii YELLCUISINE, kde využíva svoje nadanie a nadobudnuté skúsenosti.

Martin Pavčo

Sous chef

He graduated from a secondary school of hotel and gastronomy, where he participated in student internships as a chef in various hotels in Slovakia and abroad. In addition to that, he also participated in several culinary competitions during his studies, where he realized that cooking was his passion and that he wanted to keep improving his skills. After completion of the studies, he started working as a chef in a restaurant in Liptovský Ján, and shortly after, he had the opportunity to start in a newly-opened restaurant in the Demänovská Valley, where he opened at the age of 21, gradually working his way to becoming a Sous Chef in a relatively short time. Our executive chef Miroslav Halam noticed this young talented chef, and after accepting Halam’s offer, Martin Pavčo joined our Yell Cuisine team.


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